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Nantes 2010 - Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement - 4th International Meeting - Nantes (France) - March 29  April 1st, 2010

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Loire EstuaryLoire Estuary

Nantes, France's sixth largest town, maritime capital of the French Atlantic coast, is a very lively and attractive place, regularly ranked top in terms of quality of life.

Opening out on Brittany and the Loire valley, Nantes fully intends to assert itself as an active industrial and academic city, together with a main tourist and cultural destination, Nantes offers a vast range of tourist attractions (the "Machines of the Isle" and its "Great Elephant", the "Dukes of Brittany Castle" and its multimedia museum, the "Loire Estuary 2007 2009 2011" and its artistic itinerary...)

As a maritime town, Nantes has an indisputable advantage - its environment of invigorating sea air, 1000 hectares of public parks and gardens and a tramway network stretching over 40 km.

The Dukes of Brittany CastleThe Dukes of Brittany Castle

The town's ambition is illustrated in the continuing programme of urban improvements and renovations: the Ile Feydeau and the 18th century restored buildings; the Law Courts marked (restored by the famous architect Jean Nouvel); the "Isle of Nantes" project - the largest urban development project in France; the entirely renovated Castel...

Not least, as befits the birthplace of Jules Verne, Nantes is a town of infinite surprises, forever seeking to invent new worlds. Its latest passion is the "Machines of the Isle".
The first phase of this undertaking dates from July 2007, in the shape of a Great Elephant roaming the Quai des Antilles with 45 passengers on board!

No, this is not science fiction. You will find all this in Nantes, and nowhere else!

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